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Bundling Insurance? Only Pay For What You Need??

How do you make the topic of insurance interesting?

What the advertising geniuses have done to get your attention is to make their ads about everything except actual insurance, they need to make it fresh, new, and interesting. Not easy!

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What is Liability Auto Insurance?

Liability Auto Insurance is the most basic and common form of auto insurance. But what is it and what does it do ? Let’s take a quick look at the word Liability, which comes from the word Liable. Here’s a couple examples. Example – Intentional Action Say Frank was carrying some boxes down the hall…

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Broadform Insurance [Video]

What is it and who should get it? Hello, from A Better Choice. My name is Britany. Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about broadform insurance.  What is broadform insurance? Broadform insurance covers you, as the driver, to drive any owned or non-owned vehicle (with permission, of course) for liability only. Remember,…

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What is full coverage car insurance?

Full Coverage Insurance In my twenty years in the insurance market one area of confusion continues to occur with full coverage car insurance. Briefly, I’m going to try to shed some light on this subject. “Physical Damage Coverage” The most common misunderstanding about “full coverage auto insurance” is actually in the phrase itself “full coverage”,…

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Why is my car insurance so high?

Most people are familiar with “age” being a rating factor for car insurance. The younger and less experienced a driver is the more expensive their auto insurance will be. And this is true, but there are lots of factors that are used to determine the amount you will pay for your car insurance. Let’s look…

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Virtual Insurance Enrollment [Video]

Hi, it’s Britany again, at A Better Choice Insurance Agency. I wanted to let you know that we value your time. When you call us, we answer the phone. That also means that we understand that you can’t always come down to the office to start an auto insurance policy. So all of our companies…

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Buying A New Car and Full Coverage Auto Insurance [Video]

Hi, my name is Britany, a licensed agent here at A Better Choice Auto Insurance Agency. I wanted to talk a little bit today about the car buying experience, financing a vehicle and how that relates to your insurance. When you’re financing a vehicle you’re required to have physical damage coverage or full coverage. There’s…