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A Better Choice Auto Insurance offers the insurance you need. From coverage for your daily driver to a variety of specialty insurance policies for everything from RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, & trailers.

We are the Colorado Springs auto insurance agency that matches the best possible coverage policy with your specific driving insurance needs.

  • Comprehensive Coverage Policies

    Comprehensive coverage is part of the physical damage coverage on an auto policy. It covers damage to your vehicle most commonly caused by any event such as hail damage, vandalism or theft.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection

    Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage protects the insured in situations where another driver is operating their vehicle with no insurance or not enough insurance.

  • Liability Insurance Policies

    Liability insurance is the most fundamental type of auto insurance and is what the state requires. It covers damages to people or property that have been caused by you while operating your vehicle.

  • Collision Coverage Policies

    Collision coverage is part of the physical damage coverage on an auto policy. It covers damage to your vehicle most commonly caused by an accident.

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  • Coverage for All Credit Situations

    We simply have great rates no matter which credit category our clients fit into. We can help even those with the most challenging credit situations. By providing them with very reasonable rates on insurance.

  • One-Six-Twelve month terms

     Overall, this is regulated by each particular insurance company. We cannot dictate to a company which terms they offer. However we have enough companies that in most markets we can offer these terms.


  • Low Down Payments

    One way of providing the coverage our clients want is allowing for low down payments. Rather than a large lump-sum due at the beginning of a policy term, customers can spread the payments out over the course of several months if they’re working with a tight budget.

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Additional Ways We Can Help

  • Broadform Insurance Policies

    Until about 15 years ago or so, the actual coverage on an insurance policy was "attached" to the vehicle/s listed on the application or change form. With the approval of Broadform coverage now we can "attach" the coverage to an individual instead of the vehicle.

    A Broadform Insurance policy does not list a vehicle but provides coverage for the insured to operate any vehicle the policy holder owns and any non owned vehicle with permission from the owner. There is no full coverage or business use on a Broadform.

    This coverage works very well for people who own more than one vehicle but only need liability coverage. Insureds are covered to operate (and register) all of their owned vehicles, and to operate any vehicle they have permission to use, with a Broadform policy.

    However, a Broadform Insurance policy will ONLY cover one individual.

  • Renter’s Insurance Coverage

    Renter insurance provides financial reimbursement if a policyholder’s property is stolen or damaged by thieves, vandals, fires, or floods. It also protects a policyholder in cases where a visitor is injured while on or in a policyholder’s premises.

    Saving our customers money is one of the most important services A Better Choice Auto Insurance provides. Not only do customers save money, but they also find payment plans that fit into their budgets.