Boat Insurance in Colorado Springs

Keep Your Boat Afloat With Customizable Insurance To Fit Your Individual Needs.

Keep Your Boat Afloat

A Better Choice Auto Insurance offers the boat insurance you need. We want our customers to enjoy themselves while cruising the beautiful lakes in sunny Colorado.

We are the Colorado Springs auto insurance agency that matches the best possible coverage policy with your specific insurance needs.

  • Bass and Fishing Boats

    Bass and fishing boats rank among the most common types of boats we insure.

  • Pontoon Boat Insurance

    We offer insurance coverage on almost all types of pontoon boats. From the traditional to the extravagant, pontoon insurance is affordable.

  • Personal Watercraft

    Personal watercraft such as jet skis and wave runners are fast fun and flexible which gives you thrills you generally won’t get on a boat.

Types of Coverages Available for Boat Insurance.

  • Sign & Glide® on-water towing
  • Full replacement cost
  • Wreckage removal & fuel spill
  • Comprehensive
  • Bodily injury & property damage liability (BI/PD)

At A Better Choice Insurance, we’re committed to finding the right combination of coverage, service, and price for your needs so you can focus on boating with peace of mind.



How does boat insurance work?

Though it's a boat on the water, not a vehicle on the street, the insurance works very similar. If you have specific questions consult your favorite insurance agent.

How much is boat insurance?

The price of boat insurance is based on numerous factors such as location, boat type, your boating history, and if you have any prior claims. But it's generally very inexpensive.

Is boat insurance required?

Boat insurance is mandated in only a few states but if you’re financing your watercraft you’re typically required by your lender to carry comprehensive and collision coverage.

Does boat insurance cover theft?

Comprehensive coverage protects against any damage to your watercraft including theft. A deductible is usually a part of this equation.

What does boat insurance cover?

A liability policy will cover damages to your property or people caused by the operation of the boat.

Physical damage policies will also cover the damage to your boat, up to the limits you select on your policy.