High-risk auto insurance

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What is high-risk auto insurance? High-risk auto insurance—or nonstandard auto insurance—covers individuals who insurance providers consider to carry an elevated risk of operating a vehicle, usually due to a poor driving record. While high-risk auto insurance policies come with higher premiums, drivers can improve their record and reduce their premium over time. If your driving record…

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Eight car tips to prepare for cooler weather

View of a car from the side mirror

Cold weather brings challenges for drivers—and their cars. Winter is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to finish prepping your car for cold, snow, and ice. Check out these eight tips to help get your car in shape for winter. 1. Inspect your tires Tires are a big piece of maintenance…

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Cheap no-deposit car insurance—is it legitimate?

The Morning Commute doesn't have to be rough when insured with A Better Choice Auto Insurance.

What is no-deposit car insurance? As you shop around for auto insurance, you may encounter insurance companies offering “cheap car insurance with no deposit required.” It’s easy to see the appeal of such an offering—after all, who wouldn’t want to have their car legally insured without having to pay up front? But you have reason to be…

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Does my auto insurance cover my rental car?

Person handing car keys to another

It always happens when you least expect it: your car breaks down and needs to be repaired, but you’ve got places to be. Now you need a rental car but you don’t know if your insurance covers your temporary ride. That’s when the questions begin. Do I need rental car insurance? First and foremost, it’s…

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