Broadform Insurance

What is broadform insurance?

Broadform insurance covers you, as the driver, to drive any owned or non-owned vehicle (with permission, of course) for liability only.

Remember, liability covers the other person’s injuries and property if you’re at fault in an accident up to the limits you have selected.

The benefit of broadform insurance

The great thing about broadform insurance is that it attaches to the person and not to the vehicle. So if you own multiple vehicles, and you just need liability only on those vehicles, this is the perfect insurance for you.

It also is great if you’re trying to work on getting your license back and don’t own a vehicle. This satisfies what you need for the state in order to get that license back since it is providing you liability insurance to drive any owned or non-owned vehicle.

Broadform insurance exclusions

Now with broadform insurance, there are some exclusions. The most important exclusion is that no one else is ever covered to drive your vehicle in any circumstance. Again, it only covers the driver and not the vehicle itself. It also does not cover motorcycles, RVs or commercial vehicles and it excludes any business use. So that means, Uber, Lyft, delivering pizzas and so on are excluded.

If you do own multiple motorcycles and need liability insurance on them we do have broadform insurance for motorcycles specifically.

Call to see if broadform insurance is a good fit for you

A great option, if you only have one vehicle and just need liability only, broadform insurance can be a more affordable option. And here at A Better Choice, we want to make sure we’re saving you the most money possible.

Give us a call today and we’d be happy to quote broadform insurance for you and see if it’s a good fit.

Our phone number is 719-667-1301 and we look forward to hearing from you.

– John

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