Bundling Insurance? Only Pay For What You Need??

How do you make the topic of insurance interesting?

Teen girl grimacing thinking about insurance

The industry has done an absolutely brilliant job advertising and marketing insurance. Think about it, insurance is most likely on everyone’s all time list of least favorite things to do, right?

Doggie sign says Please, No Trespooping. We Shih Tzu Not!

I know personally I would rather pull weeds, or clean up after my dog than review my auto insurance coverage. It’s just not fun. 

So what the advertising geniuses have done to get your attention is to make their ads about everything except actual insurance, they need to make it fresh, new, and interesting. Not easy! 

It’s one of the oldest, most boring industries there is. They use Cavemen, Flo, Mayhem, Jake with Sta….., you’ve seen them all I’m sure.  Actually they are some of the most highly rated and entertaining commercials you will see.  The reason is simple, they need something to make you laugh, engage you, and keep you watching. If they started talking about actual insurance we would all be asleep before the 30 seconds was finished.

So where am I going with this?

Glad you asked, here you go…

I’ve been working as a licensed insurance agent insuring the residents of Colorado with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, and renter’s insurance for more than twenty years. I have some “insider knowledge” about the insurance industry. It just bugs me when I see advertisements trying to mislead the general public, they make up new words and phrases to talk about the same old insurance. 

Please don’t get me wrong here. It’s not evil, malicious, or unethical, they are trying to advertise something that nobody likes. They have to do something drastic to grab your attention.

However, two phrases that you hear all the time come to mind. 

#1 – Bundling Insurance

“Bundling” Flo and many others have made it sound so fresh and great. It is great. However it’s not new and it’s already got a name. It’s called a “multi line discount”. 

Apparently that’s not as fun to say as “bundle” though.  

A multi line discount simply provides a discount for individuals that have more than one policy with the same insurance company. This discount has been around since Fred and Barney needed insurance back in Bedrock. It’s not new, but it is real and a great talking point for an insurance commercial. Especially if you can give it a “new” name and make it seem like a new thing. 

Almost every insurance company in the world has been “bundling”, or giving multi line discounts for decades!  

A good example of a “bundle” is a renter’s insurance policy and an auto insurance policy with the same company. Each policy receives a discount because the customer has two “lines” of insurance with the same company.  The renters policy is one “line” and the auto policy is another “line”.  We do a lot of Auto Insurance and Renter Insurance policy “bundles” here at A Better Choice and have for many years.

#2 – Only pay for what you need

Number 2 – OK this one really gets me, “only pay for what you need.”  At A Better Choice we have over 2500 customers paying for “only what they need.”  If you are dealing with an insurance company that is taking money from you for something you don’t need, … what you NEED is to find a different agent or agency immediately, if not sooner!  

Here at A Better Choice it’s simple:

  • If you “need” only the state required limits of liability because you “need” to save some money, we can do that, 
  • If you “need” a policy that just “gets you legal,” we can do that,
  • If you have a new vehicle and need full coverage insurance or “physical damage coverage,” we can do that, and
  • If you have lots of assets you need to protect and need higher liability limits, we can do that too!

 We give our clients only what they want and need.

A Better Choice Insurance

Again, who would deal with a company charging them for something they don’t need ??

All I’m trying to say is this, don’t be fooled by new phrases and words or horns and whistles. There is very little that changes in the insurance world, it’s old and is pretty much “what it is.”

The best advice I can give you is to find a reputable, knowledgeable, experienced, honest, and caring insurance agent (we really do exist) and agency that you can trust. 

You can rely on them to have the knowledge to “bundle” when you should bundle, and make sure you “only pay for what you need”.  

Then you can sit back and enjoy all those hilarious commercials and not wonder if you are missing out on some “new” insurance benefit that a bird, caveman or lizard told you about, that only the company in the commercial has. No, no, no. If you have a great agent you have no worries!!

As always, I hope this was informative.

Hurry and give A Better Choice a call today at 719-667-1301 and learn about our newest magic insurance tool! Only we have it! And it’s the greatest ever!!   (sorry, I couldn’t resist,.. just kidding)

We will take very good care of you and your family.

Please Drive Safely

John Walker | Owner & Insurance Agent | A Better Choice Auto Insurance
John Walker

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