10 ways to get cheap auto insurance

We all want to save money. And we’d all like to know how to save on car insurance premiums. Here is a quick look at 10 ways you can pay less to a car insurance company, now and in the future:

1. Improve your credit score

Credit scores play a factor in your insurance score, which factors into your insurance rates.

2. Look for additional discounts

Your auto insurance carrier might offer paperless transactions or automatic drafts (ACH) from your bank account that lead to lower rates.

3. Change your coverage

Deciding on less coverage or lower limits means you’ll pay less … until an accident or crash takes place.

4. Go multi-policy with your carrier

Most auto insurance companies have a multi-policy discount. 

5. Move

Sound harsh? Well, where your vehicle is parked plays a large role in your insurance premiums.

6. Drive better

Sounds simple, but a clean driving record goes a long way. Steer clear from at-fault accidents and ticketed violations.

7. Go old school

Typically, an older model vehicle costs less to insure.

8. Pay in full up front

Typically, you’ll receive a bigger discount for paying your total premium at one time. 

9. Look long-term

Choose an annual term over a six-month term for coverage. The longer your policy term the longer your current rate is locked in.  Your insurance company may adjust your rate on renewal.

10. Consider a Broad Form Named Driver policy

What’s that? In Colorado, you can insure only yourself in the vehicle you drive. Lots of limitations are at play here, so give us a call to discuss.

| Bonus saving tips

* Shop around

Premiums vary by company. Some companies cost less, some cost more. We can help you find the best company to meet your needs.

* Install an anti-theft device

Not only are you less likely to lose your vehicle due to theft, but some insurance companies also offer a discount for having an anti-theft device on your vehicle.

Are you looking for cheap car insurance? We can help you find the right coverage to fit your budget and situation.

Originally Published on Dairyland Blogs On January 31, 2018

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